The Devil Inside

When my sister disclosed to me that our father, a former well-respected minister, had sexually abused her as a child, I made the difficult decision to report. I went into ministry because of the example of my father. He was loved, trusted, and adored by all of us. But he held a very dark secret. He had been sexually abusing young victims for decades. We had no idea. He is now serving a life sentence in prison for sex crimes against children, and this book describes the journey from childhood to the moment I discovered the abuse and reported.

My life is now dedicated to researching deception and abuse techniques so I can equip people to see what we all missed. We can intervene and stop abuse before it happens. The Devil Inside will walk you along my journey of discovery, questioning God, and advocacy.


It’s been 10 years since reporting my dad and the reality of losing so much is hitting hard

Last night my eight year old son brought up my father whom he’s never met. In July of 2011, after my youngest sister Alex disclosed that she was sexually abused as a child by our dad, Mom and I reported him to the police. Not a day has passed that I don’t think about that …

Interview questions to ask preaching candidates

Last fall, Houston Chronicle came out with a damning six part investigative series on abuse cover-ups in the Southern Baptist church. Over 700 victims were discovered as a result. Additionally, over 35 Southern Baptist ministers and volunteers were accused of abuse but were still permitted to keep working, and more than 100 Southern Baptist youth …