Do you ever wonder how to approach the topic of child sexual abuse with your leadership? I’ve found that leaders in organizations truly do have the best interest of children at hand, but they usually don’t know where to even begin to look for outside help. Truth be told, I began speaking on this topic because I craved resources when our world fell apart.  I agonized over the fact that nobody in my circle of family and friends knew that my father was molesting very young children. My life calling is to help other people ensure that they prevent abuse before it ever happens.  It can be done.  Here are some reasons God has placed me in a unique position to help serve you:

  • I reported my pedophile father as soon as allegations of abuse arose
  • There were victims in my congregation and my wife and I walked the church through the healing process
  • I consulted with and trained dozens of churches and other secular organizations since my father’s arrest
  • Trainings are unique because I do demonstrations, showing specific techniques pedophiles and other sexual abusers use to gain access to children
  • I developed a facility walk through, where high risk areas are identified and solutions are given
  • I created a Predator Recognition Tool for identifying high risk individuals who otherwise would remain undetected
  • Prevention and intervention are my highest priorities–waiting to report abuse after the fact is not good enough
  • My research focuses on understanding the mind of the highly skilled pedophile and how they keep us fooled
  • I believe good theology leads to good practices and bad theology leads to bad practices–taking a right biblical approach is vital
  • I am a Certification Specialist for G.R.A.C.E

Most requested topics are:

  • Understanding Predators: Unlocking the “Magicians Code” of Child Sexual Predators
  • Understanding Ourselves: How Predators Hack Our Belief System to Hide Their Abuse
  • Understanding Survivors of Abuse: Caring forThose Who are Close to God’s Heart
  • Understanding God: Where Were You When I Needed You Most?