Do you ever wonder how to approach the topic of child sexual abuse with your leadership?

I’ve found that leaders in organizations truly do have the best interest of children at hand, but they usually don’t know where to even begin to look for outside help. Truth be told, I began speaking on this topic because I craved resources when my family’s world fell apart.  I agonized over the fact that nobody in my circle of family and friends knew that my father was molesting very young children.  My life calling is to help other people ensure that they prevent abuse before it ever happens.  It can be done.

As the son of a pedophile, I’ve worked tirelessly to know how abusers get away with abusing children without our knowing it.  The result is a very specialized training where I demonstrate specific techniques these sophisticated abusers use.  This, combined with my unique Predator Recognition Tool, makes pedophiles much easier to be identified within our organizations.  Whether it’s a school, church, or camp, the techniques abusers use are the same.  This training will teach you how to intercede when someone is crossing boundaries before abuse takes place.  Waiting until there is a reportable incident is unacceptable.

Most requested topics are:

  • Understanding Predators: Unlocking the “Magicians Code” of Child Sexual Predators
  • Understanding Ourselves: How Predators Hack Our Belief System to Hide Their Abuse
  • Understanding Survivors of Abuse: Caring for Those Who are Close to God’s Heart
  • Understanding God: Where Were You When I Needed You Most?

What is included: 

  • Engaging presentations founded on biblical truths
  • Demonstrations of specific techniques pedophiles use to gain access and maintain silence with victims and adults
  • Presentation of my Predator Recognition Tool
  • Live facility walk through where I demonstrate more techniques abusers use and identify high risk areas within your building
  • Possibility to preach and/or teach Bible class
  • Meeting with church leaders to answer questions and discuss current concerns within their church
  • Template of a protection policy
  • 2 hour follow up online consultation with church leaders